Busy Inbox

DSCF5014The uniform drama is seemingly ongoing and now stories are coming out of certain sizes not being available at the distribution centre when people are going to collect. I wonder if anything will be available on Saturday when I drag my fine ass over to get it decked in pink!

People are continuing to go either way on the Facebook group – moaning like hell or embracing it with humour (and there have been some very funny posts!) but the moaners are putting a downer on it. There is one person practically demanding for their kit to be delivered to the place she is based for the games, and she has been inundating the generic email address we have as a contact point asking for a response. To be honest, if I was on the receiving end of that I wouldn’t bother to reply. Also, if I was her and it was apparently so difficult to cooperate, I would just drop out – it isn’t worth this level of drama when you aren’t even getting paid for it. As Michael Winner once said “calm down, dear” – but she doesn’t seem to be.

So the title refers to my own inbox, which is going to be inundated itself in the coming weeks – London 2017 not only send out an email to remind you that you have a shift coming, but also that you have a session coming up to watch. I have had two emails already to remind me of the spectating aspect, saying there are ten days to go (like I was going to forget) and seeing as I have 13 sessions to spectate, and 12 to work at, my inbox isn’t going to know what has hit it, and it is going to become very confusing! I don’t really need to have the reminding, but I don’t want to unsubscribe just in case I miss something important.

DSC_8450I have decided to add a photo of Jonnie Peacock to today’s post – my photo from the 2014 Anniversary Games which was at Horseguards, and where I was meant to be sitting in row AA, but the steward told me to sit in row A instead; A being at the very front, and AA being three or four rows from the back – what a lucky break that was. I ended up sitting in the seats meant for the pole vaulters and enjoyed it very much (aside from the horrific sunburn I got, which seems to be a standard problem when I go to the Anniversary Games) and ended up on TV a lot as I was sitting right next to the crash mat. Can’t wait to see Jonnie race again in a couple of weeks time, back where it all began for me.

Anniversary Games is on Sunday this year, and is only one day instead of the usual three. Naturally, I have a ticket that I purchased the day after the event finished last year. I have also added a photo that I took of Sir Mo at the Anniversary Games in 2015 – always worth while hanging about at the end to let him finish his lap of honor – this year I am aiming for a selfie or an autograph!




They dropped a bombshell on us later on yesterday – the uniform won’t all be delivered in time and we are going to get the second half when we start work. Cue panic and moaning in the Facebook group – including me, but only to moan about the general organisation hasn’t been as good as it could have been, but that is due to not enough people being involved to manage the whole volunteer process.

They have tried to make it as simple as possible – collect your first bits when you were already due to collect them, and then the remainder when you first check in to work. I assume they will have it there waiting for you, as they know you are due to check in on that day and at that time. I am off to get myself some plain black trousers at lunchtime as I have a Peacocks nearby and it won’t cost much. I have already had a look on the website.

People are panicking as usual but there will always be people panicking. Firstly, people not paying attention to the email and saying they need to book a second collection slot – no, you don’t. You will be handed your remaining kit when you start and they have even said they will deliver to people who aren’t based at QEOP (Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park). Secondly, some people don’t seem to have gotten the email at all which has made me wonder if some sizes have been delivered, and some haven’t.

It is annoying, yes, but it isn’t the end of the world. If the uniform isn’t there, then the uniform isn’t there – we just have to go with Team London’s guidance and wear what they have asked us to. I assume they will have some provision for us during the shift we are due to collect the remaining kit, to make sure we have somewhere to store it, as we have been told many times that there isn’t anywhere to store anything when we are working at the Park. I dread to think how many emails Team London have received overnight from the people who haven’t read their email properly. It is a real shame there aren’t more of them to deal with the onslaught!