T Minus 3 Hours

19959289_10155562207730990_6119479594887598505_nI am sitting at my desk at work, in my uniform and starting to get butterflies.

Chucking coffee down my throat like it is going out of fashion as I stare down the barrel of possibly the businest ten days I have ever had to face but I can’t wait. Five years ago we were all getting ready for London 2012 to kick off and I wasn’t even that bothered about it – until the opening ceremony and I was gripped. I saw the Games Makers and SO wanted me be one, and here I am about to start my first shift as the 2017 equivalent.

I am feeling nervous for the unknown but I am also excited for the thigs I am going to see and do, and for the other Runners I am going to meet and the athletes I am going to see.

Wish me luck…. 🙂


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