T Minus 3 Hours

19959289_10155562207730990_6119479594887598505_nI am sitting at my desk at work, in my uniform and starting to get butterflies.

Chucking coffee down my throat like it is going out of fashion as I stare down the barrel of possibly the businest ten days I have ever had to face but I can’t wait. Five years ago we were all getting ready for London 2012 to kick off and I wasn’t even that bothered about it – until the opening ceremony and I was gripped. I saw the Games Makers and SO wanted me be one, and here I am about to start my first shift as the 2017 equivalent.

I am feeling nervous for the unknown but I am also excited for the thigs I am going to see and do, and for the other Runners I am going to meet and the athletes I am going to see.

Wish me luck…. 🙂


Uniform & Anniversary Games

DSC_7494So, I went to collect my uniform on Saturday morning and that went very well. The lovely people at UDAC were helpful, chatty, friendly and I was out of the door at 10.02am when my appointment was at 10am, but I had arrived a few minutes early.

I got home, tried on the tops, put shoe stretchers into the shoes as they were a tiny bit snug and put everything together. I sorted out my backpack – which was bigger than I was expecting – and put everything in that I could that I didn’t need before. It is all coming together nicely. I am most impressed with my Oyster card holder – I always like to have something different to the standard TFL ones.

Sunday was the Anniversary Games and it wasn’t as good as the last four I have been to. A single day of events rather than the three I have become used to, and the Para athletics consisted of a token event to ensure that Dave Weir had a worthy send off to mark the end of his track racing career. I guess because it was so close to the Worlds, there was no need to have a Para-day for the Anniversary Games. Nobody wanted to risk injury so close to their main event of the summer!

I was intrigued to see how the new security checks were going to go, after the increased security promise after the terror attacks we have suffered in the last few months. Instead of bag checks happening at the turnstyles, it was to happen before you got onto the island of the stadium and I was expecting security of the level of London 2012 and Glasgow 2014 – metal detectors, x-ray machines for bags and a frisk for good measure. None of this happened at all; it was the same brief bag check of old just in a different location, and a quick once over with a metal detector wand. As always, I was able to get my 70-300mm lens into the stadium when it isn’t meant to be in there, and the bloke didn’t even question it. Perhaps they are going to get more security in for the Worlds as the Anniversary Games wasn’t as big event as normal. I guess that time will tell.

First shift tomorrow afternoon. I am wearing my shoes to work today to break them in and they are absolutely fine – not tight anymore, and they are quite comfy and lightweight. I will get my bag ready this evening when I get home, and look like a nerd going to my normal work in uniform tomorrow morning, ready for my shift to start at 2pm. Glad I have a pre-event shift to get my bearings and settle in, and the Friday morning shift will be the same as the games don’t open until Friday evening – when of course, I am spectating!

Next time I post, I will be a fully fledged Runner! Exciting!!